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This information is provided by our Vendor Spot contact person who can be reached by email at between January 1 and the close of the show each year. 

The Fairgrounds site (see aerial picture of the overall site (large PDF)) is large enough to rival any other location on the east coast and according to many of our vendors, our show is the premier military vehicle show to vend at.  Ask around, it is not to be missed! 

And the prices we charge to rent space at this show ($30 per space for both days) have not increased in more than 10 years, even though attendance has tripled as the reputation has grown!  It is truly a bargain.

The Military Transportation is more than just a car club.  It is dedicated to the care and preservation of vehicles which are the symbol of the soldiers who served with them.  Therefore, our philosophy has always been to attract not only the military vehicle collector community, but also the public, hopefully introducing non- hobbyists to the Military Vehicle collector and restoring community.

Thereby, the MTA Swapmeet and Military Vehicle Show promotes the hobby of military vehicle collecting and restoration to the public, as well as serving our base of members and existing Military Vehicle hobbyists.  We keep the price of general admission (only $5.00 per spectator, children under 12 free) to the show low, so as to make the experience affordable to families.  Participation by reenacting groups are encouraged as they put our vehicles in context as living history.  And always brings in the crowds!

Due to the immense size of the complex, Vendors will be pleased to see that the areas for vending are spacious, with large aisle ways, eliminating the problems of jamming in customers that occurred during peak hours at other military vehicle in smaller locations (No reason to "Jam em in"). 

Within the fairgrounds, there are three types of vendor space available. The inside vendors are located in a free standing metal building. So inclement weather is not a concern there.  8 foot long tables may be reserved at a cost of $30 per table.  Rental includes the table, which is supplied without additional charge. There are chairs available.  Click for layout

Covered Outdoor vendor spaces are located in three buildings. and numbered 01 to 048, and P1 to P16 on the drawings linked below.  These buildings are open on the sides, but protected from the elements and unheated. Vendors in these buildings will be able to have a dry display area, even in the event of inclement weather.  They are located at the bottom left of the aerial below.   Click for layout

New for the 2014 show, we have opened the grandstands area to vendors.  These spaces are identified as G1-G29 (excluding G 26) and are located in the Grandstands area.  They will open on January 1 to returning vendors, and if any are left, February 1 to new vendors.  These are in a premium location adjacent to the Kitchen area, but are offered at the same rental of $30 per spot.  Note that spots can be ganged front to back in the center area, something vendors have been asking for since we started shows at the fairgrounds. Also, be aware, with these covered outside spots, because of the design of the space, you will probably not be able to drive right to the space. You will have to hand truck your stuff to and from your spot during setup and at the end of the show.  Click for layout

Uncovered outdoor spaces are located in parking areas and spread throughout the site.  They are identified as spaces O50 TO O69  Click for layout

These Outdoor sites, whether covered or not,  are all 20x10 and cost $30 per space.  Although a car or a jeep would be able to be brought into the covered outside spaces, ( except for the Grandstands) a larger truck or deuce and 1/2 will not fit under any covered area because of size constraints.  So Vendors may wish to select uncovered spaces if they want to set up their own tents, or vend out of the back of a vehicle which doesn't fit within the covered spaces, or if they prefer a particular location.

Note that while we are selling vendor space to new vendors, a list of registered vendors and all unsold spaces can be found in the left panel of this website.  These reports are updated often, and the date of the last report is at the bottom of the vendors report.  Spaces are subject to prior sale, and the MTA reserves the right to move vendors when necessary.

Finally, the club sells the food at the show.  So please do not vend food to the public. 

Links:  Note some of these are large PDF files and may take a little time to download, especially if you have a slower internet connection.

Indoor Vendor space (PDF)        Covered Outside Vendor space (PDF)    Outside vendor spaces (Large PDF)   Site map  (Large PDF) Grandstands spaces (PDF)